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The experienced crew at Eagle Building Services Inc. will gladly handle all of your building maintenance needs. We have been taking care of commercial and residential buildings in Alaska for over 15 years. Our goal is to give the best service possible in a reasonable amount of time and at a reasonable cost to our customers.

We have developed a triage approach to building maintenance that our customers really appreciate. If a maintenance need is a true emergency (i.e. fire or flood) we have an immediate response team to get things under control. When maintenance is time sensitive we will schedule the time frame and make every effort to complete the work ahead of schedule. Routine maintenance work is scheduled and completed as quickly as possible typically within 2-4 days of your call.

What is building maintenance? Building maintenance is routine work that keeps a building in good repair, operational, safe, and healthy for you, your customers, family, and guests.

Can we repair and maintain everything in and around your building? Yes we can!

  • Windows and Doors
  • Plumbing and Heating
  • Lighting and Electrical
  • Roofing
  • Insulation
  • Walls, Floors, Stairs, and Ceilings
  • Painting
  • Office furniture and Cabinets
  • Drainage
  • Decks
  • Landscaping
  • Snow removal